Twin Stick Madness

GAM111 Project 1

Day 1.

Today I started on my Twin stick shooter assignment and by today I mean 0:30 am like a chump. Aside from that bad decision I have come up with what I think will be a nice take for my first ever shmup.

Being that this is the second game that I have made using C# aside from some tinkering I still feel rather fresh, like a scraped elbow, red and sore at my lack of knowledge, of the Unity API, but like a slowly forming scab, my knowledge and respect (as a bit of a UE4 fan) for Unity grows ever slowly. I finally have a moving character – it’s rough, and a bit shit but it’s mine. On top of this, I have also got most of my sprites designed, I have never done top down sprites before so I am very happy with the result!

But what’s a twin-stick shooter without that second stick? It is a huge painstaking two and a half hour search for why my y-axis is broken! It was the sensitivity set to 0 instead of 1 in the input editor (thanks, Shane! Lifesaver!). Now that’s over I can now progress onto being able to aim…

Day 2


Day 3

I have spent more than six hours on this project at this point, my ability to aim is not functional, at all, certainly not for the lack of trying. But I must shelf this until Wednesday, so I’ll see how much progress I can make then.

Day 4

After working on this project for a bit longer, I have managed to, bring forward some functionality that was not fully implemented while working on my problem with the ability to aim, and now you can shoot properly, and switch weapons!

But in order for others to be able to play around with the prototype, I had to do a dirty, dirty hack with my code so now the player-character aim’s correctly of the target reticule is positioned in the upper-right part of the screen, but if you move it anywaere other than that you get some “FUN” Side effects.

So that is all on this project. For now.

UPDATE: You can Play the Prototype


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