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Opening Doom I immediately recognised the soundtrack, to be clear I have never played any of the Doom games before today, but I have listened to the soundtrack for Doom (2016), among other situations where I have experienced visual and audio examples from this and the subsequent games of the franchise, on top of this I have seen numerous explanations of it mechanics and the dynamics that are created by the design of the game. To say that it has been “Iconic” is “A Classic”, jokes aside this have been very influential.


Now the first thing that I did was step down to the menu option titled “Read This” so I skimmed it enough to understand how to the controls work (I will be coming back to this..), following this I selected start game, the default difficulty selection was “hurt me plenty” so subsequently this was my selection, as I believe that there is always a reason why something is a default. The emulator I am using to play doom can be found here, it has the option to make the emulator full screen, so I decided to do this, at which point it stretched the game out to my 1920×1080 screen, this was bearable and reminded me somewhat of a star wars fps game that I had played on the original PlayStation when I was much younger. I proceeded to play through the first two levels with the emulation at full screen (I will not be making this mistake for later play sessions), I only managed to pass the first two levels before I ran out of time.

Knowing that the default controls for this game are both notorious and somewhat of a novelty, I ran around the starting room bumping into every wall, running forward, backwards, and trying out the strafe key, as well as firing three shots, I was honestly surprised with how satisfying the feeling of firing the gun was, for a game made before anyone understood the concept of juice. so the controls, oh god the controls! The inability to rotate your point of view and strafe at the same time is where at least 20% of the difficulty comes from, but I must note the fact that the developers of doom had nothing really to base their controls from, although how the thought of not allowing strafe and rotation, simultaneously is just astonishing to me, I mean WHY! OH because they neglect to tell you that you can use the comma and period keys to strafe, slight oversight in the ‘read me’ with that one. Once I discovered this little gem (thanks, Wiki) the game becomes surprisingly playable, that nasty handicap of strafe or rotate probably caused a lot of possible players to bounce right of-of the game(On top of this the game had mouse look controles, but the emulator I was using did not capture the mouse to enable this, guess thats my fault!). Nailing home to me the importance of Human-Centered Design(watch this!), to implement elements of this philosophy will no doubt aid in the spread and accessibility of the games that I make in the future.

In conclusion, I have decided that I am going to play this game to completion, as I feel that there are a lot more things I can learn from its (very raw, and first of its kind) mistakes.



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