Gunz vs Burn

This week I played these two games GUN GODZ by Vlambeer and Burnband by Tom Boogaart

Gun Godz is a fast paced, doom-like, first person game with a pixel-art aesthetic, and fast gameplay. Where Bernband is also a pixel-art game but your only goal is your own curious sense of exploration.

They are very different in the way they encourage you to play, yet the same in the way you feel a sense of gratification, as you begin to learn the layout of the games. In both games, it feels good to explore, but for different reasons; exploration in Gun Godz is a necessity in order be able to find the exit and resources like health packs and ammo, and having a good understanding of the layout’s is a must in order to be able to get a better time score on the levels. Burnband does not have this need, you explore because that’s what you want to do.

The dynamics that arise in Gun Godz, compels you to become familiar with its level’s, so that you become better, you become a running gunning god of gunz.

The dynamics that arise in Bernband, on the other hand, rewards you for exploring because you want to discover. Because you want to become familiar because you begin to care about the world as it slowly (with its sweet, sweet microcosms, vent shafts, and character), involves you in it heart-beat.


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